Greg enjoying the patio and scenery, while on a short break from brewing.

Greg enjoying the patio and scenery, while on a short break from brewing.

Spring Hill Brewing…

...was started by Greg Kamerdze, who began brewing out of his kitchen in Bloomfield over 10 years ago.   After refining his recipes and finding the perfect location in Pittsburgh's North Side, he decided to expand his brewing efforts to a full-time operation. 

Spring Hill Brewing opened July 2018, operating out of a former social club  that was founded in roughly 1900.  The Workingmen's Beneficial Union (or WBU for short) was a community space for German immigrants and once housed a ballroom and a six-lane bowling alley.   It closed in 1999 and suffered a lot of damage while shuttered.   A three-year renovation has brought it back to life, and we are proud to be serving our fresh farmhouse ales out of the new taproom.

We currently brew beer on a nano scale, producing about 2 bbl or 60 gallons per batch. Brewing exclusively session ales in the farmhaus-style using a mixed culture of lively and flavorful yeast strains, Greg likes mixing and matching different cultures to produce complex and unique beers that are typically 6% abv and under.  We typically offer five flagships and three rotating seasonals -- some are hoppy, some are sour, and some taste like a sourdough pretzel.  What does that mean?  You'll have to come visit us for a taste. 

Joining us most weekends is the Asado food truck by Gaucho, serving their famous wood-fired barbecue! Click here for their schedule. The WBU event hall will be hosting parties and other fun events!  Shadyside Worms will be assisting us with composting our spent grain!  We also have a small apiary on the property, BeeBoy Honey, buzzing away!  There's a lot happening up here, so come see us soon.