Our tap list changes frequently - stop in to see what we are pouring today.

Our tap list changes frequently - stop in to see what we are pouring today.


Try a 16 oz. pint, or sample a few with our Duet — two 9 oz. pours. Our beers are typically brewed in the farmhouse-style, and we gravitate towards saisons, ales (and sometimes some funkier offerings) with a concentration on local, seasonal ingredients when possible.

AFTERNOON Mild farmhouse ale. Brewed with juicy Nugget hops. Quenching, bready, slightly bitter after-work beer.  [4.5% ABV, 30 IBU]|

DUSK Belgian nut brown ale. Brewed with oats.  Malty, with a hint of burnt toast. [5% ABV, 20 IBU]

MOONRISE Farmhouse porter. Brewed with lots of roasted and cherrywood-smoked malts. Notes of campfire, rustic bread and light fruits. [4.2% ABV, 15 IBU]

NOISY BLUE JAY Sour mosaic ale. Hazy and tart farmhouse ale brewed with oats and dark roasted wheat malt. Fermented with a mix of Norwegian yeast and lactobacillus. Notes of fresh baked blueberry muffins and mango juice.  [4.0% ABV, 5 IBU]

RIGHT ARM Simcoe hopped pale ale. Liberally hopped with dank and juicy Simcoe hops.  Fermented with a flavorful blend of Norwegian, Lithuanian and Belgian yeasts. Big, big notes of sticky apricot, citrus and stone fruits. Right on!  [4.2% ABV, 69 IBU]

HUMBLE COUNTRY OAF Applewood smoked sour. Rustic amber ale brewed with smoked malt, Calypso hops and a smidgen of sea salt. Fermented warm with old world farmhouse yeasts and lactobacillus. Complex notes of “WTF,” silky smoke, apples, and pear cakes.  [5.3% ABV, 10 IBU]

BLUEBERRY SKY Light, hoppy saison. Hopped aggressively with noble Czech Saaz, and gently with fruity Mosaic hops -- creating notes of blueberry scones, lemons and spices.  Think a Pilsner’s cousin from the Belgian countryside!  [4.6% ABV, 42 IBU]

GUEST TAP: THREADBARE Apple cider (gluten-free).  Rotating varieties from our neighbors on Spring Garden Ave!

TEABOY Tea on tap. Always non-alcoholic, and always lightly sweetened with BeeBoy honey. [12 oz., 0% ABV]

Last updated for: June 20, 2019