Our tap list changes frequently - stop in to see what we are pouring today.

Our tap list changes frequently - stop in to see what we are pouring today.


Try a 16 oz. pint, or sample a few with our Duet — two 9 oz. pours!

To celebrate our work with 412 Food Rescue and A Few Bad Apples, we’re serving up a fruit-focused beverage menu this weekend featuring our own EDNA bottle release, and the 412 City Cider from our pals at Threadbare.  Enjoy the last few days of autumn’s apple season -- it’s almost officially over!

PERRY LOAFER Smoky sour ale. A kvass made from salvaged baguettes, roasted and smoked malts, and pear juice. Fermented with lactobacillus. [3.6% ABV, 10 IBU]

AFTERNOON Mild farmhouse ale with juicy Nugget hops. Quenching, bready, slightly bitter after-work beer.  [4.5% ABV, 30 IBU]

HILLTOP TABLE MEAD Effervescent, herbal mead (gluten-free).  Made with BeeBoy honey from the hives on our lawn and loaded with Belgian yeasts.  [5.5% ABV,  0 IBU]

GUEST TAP: THREADBARE FARMHOUSE Off-dry apple cider (gluten-free).  A little bit sweet.  [8.0% ABV,  0 IBU]

GUEST TAP: THREADBARE 412 CITY Wild apple cider (gluten-free).  Another 412 Food Rescue collab! Earthy with bright acidity. [6.7% ABV,  0 IBU]

RADIATA WIT - 22 oz. bottles only Honey & oat ale. Spiced braggot (honey beer) brewed with Spring Hill honey, wheat and loads of oats.  Spiced for the winter with orange peel, coriander and cardamom. Smooth in texture and flavor!   [5.12% ABV, 14 IBU]

EDNA - 22 oz. bottles only Vegan milkshake cider-ale. Release date: Friday, 1/11! A little tart, and very fruit-forward. This hazy treat is brewed with oats and caramel malts. In addition to the pear-y flavor that comes from locally foraged apples, pears and crabapples, we taste sweet notes of toffee and white chocolate followed by a little bitter, tannic kick.[6.8% ABV, negligible IBU]

TEABOY POP Tea-based soda pop - rotating varieties. Always non-alcoholic, and always lightly sweetened with BeeBoy honey. [12 oz., 0% ABV]

COLD BREW Iced coffee. Non-alcoholic. Sumatra roast beans steeped for days. Limited quantities every day! [12 oz., 0% ABV]

Last updated for: January 11, 2019