Our tap list changes frequently - stop in to see what we are pouring today.

Our tap list changes frequently - stop in to see what we are pouring today.


Try a 16 oz. pint, or sample a few with our Duet — two 9 oz. pours. Our beers are typically brewed in the farmhouse-style, and we gravitate towards saisons, ales (and sometimes some funkier offerings) with a concentration on local, seasonal ingredients when possible.

RIGHT ARM Simcoe hopped pale ale. Liberally hopped with dank and juicy Simcoe, Centennial, Mandarina Bavaria hops.  Fermented with a flavorful blend of Norwegian, Lithuanian and Belgian yeasts. Big, big notes of sticky apricot, citrus and stone fruits. Right on!  [4.2% ABV, 69 IBU]

SUMMER GOLDFINCH Hopped Sumerian Sour. Brewed with lightly toasted sourdough malt-bread, hop-bursted with Amarillo and Lemondrop, fermented with farmhouse yeasts and lactobacillus.  Notes of fresh pineapple juice, sourdough bread, and orange marmalade. [4.5% ABV, 5 IBU]

CHIMNEY SWIFT  Red Sumerian Sour.  Brewed with dark roasted sourdough malt-bread, spiced with orange peel and cardamom.  Notes of Grape Nuts cereal, ripe stone fruits, and Zagros mountain air. [3% ABV, 2 IBU] 

DUSK Belgian nut brown ale. Brewed with oats, caramel, and dark roasted wheat.  Notes of toffee, chocolate, and toast . [5% ABV, 20 IBU] 

HILLTOP GOBLIN Golden English Farmhouse. Brewed with rich English malts and hopped exclusively with East Kent Golding.  Biscuit-y sweetness, lightly floral and fruity. [5,1% ABV, 39 IBU]

SMOKE RING HALO Smoked brown ale. Brewed with heaps of soft oats, cherrywood smoked malt, and  chocolatey caramel malts, fermented with norwegian farmhouse yeasts // Notes of rich toffee, chocolate, and cherries with a dry smoky finish . [4.0% ABV, 28 IBU]

HILLTOP TABLE MEAD Effervescent off-dry mead (gluten-free).  Made with BeeBoy honey from the hives at Shadyside Nursery, loaded with Belgian yeasts.  Floral and fruity notes. [6.6% ABV, 0 IBU]

MOONRISE Farmhouse porter. Brewed with lots of roasted and cherrywood-smoked malts. Notes of campfire, rustic bread and light fruits. [4.2% ABV, 15 IBU]

THREADBARE FARMHOUSE - GUEST TAP Hard apple cider. Off-dry, gluten-free cider on tap, from our good neighbors on Spring Garden Ave! [8% ABV]

Last updated for: August 8, 2019